Stripper Back Pay Calculator Shows Dancers How Much Owed

October 3, 2019 — San Diego, CA.  In the first ever of it’s kind, exotic dancers and strippers now have a powerful tool available to see how much they may be owed in back pay.

Dancer & Stripper Back Pay Calculator

This FREE online tool can show a fairly accurate figure of how much dancers may be able to receive from the strip club if they have been misclassified according to FLSA employment laws.

Are strippers, topless dancers or exotic dancers an “employee” or “independent contractor”?

Many clubs today will often seek to categorize the dancers as “independent contractors” rather than employees.  This tactic allows these clubs to avoid following the rules set by the Fair Labor Standards Act, known as FLSA laws.

However, gentlemen clubs or stripper bars can’t just state that a dancer is an independent contractor and make it true – certain legal requirements must be met; otherwise, the dancer is actually an employee.  We understand the FLSA laws in every state, and strip club owners and operators must adhere to these laws. If you’ve been taken advantage of – contact us today.

Here’s an example of the abuse of unfair pay some strippers are facing:

“Candi” is an exotic dancer who has worked for a New York strip club for the past 3 years. This club owns 20 locations across the state.  When she applied for the job she was told she would be a 1099 Independent Contractor.  She was also told she must pay “house fees” or “dance floor” fees every shift at every club they own.  She is also required by the club to tip all on staff DJs and other club workers. Does this sound fair?  Is this strip club pay scheme illegal? YES!

What will happen if I file a stripper lawsuit?

We will hold any strip club or gentleman’s clubs accountable if they have broken any Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) laws.  In doing so women who have taken part in a class action lawsuit could gain the following: (please note these are examples, every case is different)

  • Back pay of 2-3 years of hourly wages.
  • All “fees” you may have paid to the club.
  • Any other monetary benefits related to an employee status.
  • Recoup any and all “tips” paid to other club workers including DJs and /or House Moms.

Dancer Back Pay Calculator is now online to help you see how much you may be entitled to!

Free to use – and you don’t even have to enter your name.

Give it a Spin to see how much you could owed!