Spinal Cord Stimulator Lawsuit Claims

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What are spinal cord stimulators?

Spinal cord stimulators (SCS) are used to help treat people who have chronic pain in the back region.   The condition known as “failed back surgery syndrome” is well documented in the medical community and the FDA in 2014 approved many spinal cord stimulator spinal cord stimulator devices.

Spinal cord stimulators are first used on a person in a “trial period” to determine the best stimulation pattern for the person.  After this trial period, if the person has reduced pain then a permanent system is put into place with leads and a pulse generator.

Has there been any Boston Scientific or Medtronic spinal cord stimulator lawsuits filed?

Yes, back between 2011 and 2013 Boston Scientific had a whistleblower lawsuit brought to court from an employee who exposed internal documents alleging multiple illegal acts pertaining to its Precision Plus™ SCS spinal cord stimulation system.

Several Google searches found more than a few people asking about current lawsuits on these devices.

Medtronic Corporation also seems to be taking some heat from its spinal cord stimulator called the Intellis™ Platform.

Another company, St, Jude Medical, had taken some legal heat from its Eon Mini Spinal Stimulator product. St. Jude later issued a recall of this device due to excessive heating causing some first and second degree burns.

What are the injuries from spinal cord stimulators?

Some people claim to have gotten staph infections and other side effects such as shocks from the spinal cord stimulators.  Other possible problems include battery shifting, burns, broken lead wires or battery packs becoming contaminated by bodily fluids causing shocks.

Common questions we get about spinal cord stimulator lawsuits.spinal cord stimulator lawsuits

Many people have been asking if there is any recourse or legal action they can take if hurt from spinal cord stimulator devices.  Here is what people have asked:

  • Can I sue for injuries caused from my spinal cord stimulator?
  • I suffered a burn from a spinal cord stimulator – what can I do from a legal standpoint?
  • The wires became loose or the spinal cord stimulator batter pack moved causing me pain – do I have a case?
  • What are the monetary rewards from a spinal cord stimulator lawsuit?


All of these questions are valid and if you have suffered any listed side effect or other bodily harm from a spinal cord stimulator – you have legal rights.

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