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5on Google,Jan 22, 2020


Mr. Wilkie was extremely professional and responded to my questions in a cogent fashion. His timeliness, perseverance, and sincerity are undeniably tied to his high levels of integrity. Furthermore, I was inspired by his delightful attitude as well as his eagerness to be of assistance.

0on Facebook,Jan 22, 2020


I recommend the service. The agent I spoke to was very friendly and answered every question that I asked.

0on Facebook,Jan 21, 2020


Phil was so nice. Call him for your legal questions!

0on Facebook,Jan 21, 2020


i spoke with scott very excellent customer service and I would recommend him ,he helped me so much and I would give him 20 to 100 golden stars

0on Facebook,Jan 21, 2020


Phil got me through the paperwork easily!

0on Facebook,Jan 17, 2020


Very considerate of services being provided for our family. Phil was amazing making process easier to complete process thank you

0on Facebook,Jan 16, 2020

Michelle Toledo

Excellent customer service Phil was very helpful and understanding

0on Facebook,Jan 16, 2020


agent was very helpful and knowledgeable I recommend them highly

5on Google,Jan 15, 2020


Great experience talking with him on the phone he answered all my questions without hesitation

0on Facebook,Jan 15, 2020


I have talk to Phil Jackson and he was very helpful and talk to me about how the cas would work

5on Google,Jan 15, 2020


Scott Wilkie was extremely helpful in handling and answering questions. He took time to explain things I needed to know. I would recommend talking to him about getting help

0on Facebook,Jan 15, 2020


very helpful gets the job done

0on Facebook,Jan 14, 2020


Contact person was pleasant and helpful in his questions. He exhibited interest and concern regarding what I have been experiencing.

0on Facebook,Jan 13, 2020


Phil Jackson was very accommodating to discuss my situation with and gave me his total attention. We had a few things in common that we talked about as well to make the conversation much more personal.

0on Facebook,Jan 13, 2020

Maria Dolores

they was very nice people

0on Facebook,Jan 10, 2020


I spoke with Scott Wilkie...he is an amazing, calm and very reassuring man to speak with. I feel 100% comfortable and assured that he will make sure I receive the representation I deserve. Scott is a definate asset to the organization!!

5on Google,Jan 08, 2020


Scott was very easy to deal with and friendly. Highly recommended.

0on Facebook,Jan 08, 2020


Phil jackson is awesomely funny and extremely DOWN TO EARTH. I had a good laugh talking to him and was glad he was my point of contact. thanks phill.

5on Google,Jan 07, 2020


I was very satisfied Scott will was very friendly and helpful he did a amazing

5on Google,Jan 07, 2020


Before speaking to Scott I had no idea the impact this pharmacutical company profited and am absolutely saddened that because they choose to make billions of dollars with the medication Truvada as a life saving medication for those living with HIV, and in reality it is now killing me. Ten years of not knowing the truth, and now experiencing bones loss, damage to my jaw bones, my spine collapsing, fractures, and decay I am now paying the price physically. I am so grateful that someone finally took the time in a loving and caring way to explain the reality of this case and how important it is to be aware of what was happening to me, not for me. Thank you very much. Ms. Sarita Rivera

0on Facebook,Jan 06, 2020


phil jackson was such a big help to me very respectful very good listener answered all my questions i would recommend anyone to him