8 Key Steps in Joining the Essure Lawsuit.

June 22, 2018  San Diego, CA — Women have been getting Essure since the Food and Drug Administration approved it in 2002. Bayer boasts on its website that more than 750,000 women around the world have been implanted with the device, which consists of two metal coils inserted into the fallopian tubes. The coils incite an inflammatory response within the tubes and scar tissue forms around the device to close the tube. Essure coils

Like any medical device, Essure has its risks. But there seems to be a disconnect between what Bayer tells you about those risks and what women have actually experienced in the real world.

Here are the 8 Key Steps in Joining the Essure Lawsuit.

1. Understand that many women are having side effects from Essure. Please see this page for known side effects: https://www.nationalinjuryhelp.com/defective-products/essure-side-effects-complications-2018/

2. You aren’t alone!  Read stories from other women who have had Essure side effects: https://www.nationalinjuryhelp.com/category-one/women-suffering-essure-implant/

3. If you are having side effects, please visit your doctor; tell them of your problems and HAVE THEM DOCUMENT all problems or side effects during your visit.

4. If you are considering having a salpingotomy or hysterectomy to remove Essure, ask the doctor what the costs are. Average cost for reversal is $6,700, some higher, some lower. Find an Essure Removal Doctor Here: https://www.nationalinjuryhelp.com/essure-removal-doctors-tubal-reversal/

5. If you can’t afford to have a salpingotomy or hysterectomy, you may be able to pay for this from any Essure settlement or lawsuit. To learn about types of Essure removal please see this page: https://www.nationalinjuryhelp.com/defective-products/essure-removal-options/

6. Time is of essence; please use our online form to start the process, or if you prefer to talk to someone please call us at 1-800-214-1010. Online form here: https://www.nationalinjuryhelp.com/essure-claims-evaluation/

7. If you undergo any procedure to remove the Essure coils, have your surgeon KEEP ALL bits, pieces, fragments and any other part of the Essure coils. This is preserving evidence!

8. Understand that this lawsuit is currently ongoing and we are still accepting Essure victims, but in some states your time to file an Essure lawsuit is ending soon.


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