Women speak out against the suffering caused by Essure implant

Thousands of women have had the Essure implant and are now suffering from the adverse side effects including extreme bloating, pain, and even pregnancy. Most women are forced to have a full hysterectomy to end the everyday pain of having Essure implanted.

Haven’t made up your mind about Essure yet? Read some of the horrific experiences of these women below. We have withheld the women’s names for privacy reasons.

– “I went through hell and back with these stupid coils I was 27 when I had to have a hysterectomy, not only did the coils destroy me, my health issues destroyed my marriage nothing like being a single mom with 3 kids at the age of 29 now I pray to god that no other woman will ever have these things implanted inside them and go through what’s thousands of women like myself have had to endure! Its horrific.”

– “I had it done several years ago and just recently starting having issues that I had no clue could be related, are in fact related. It dawned on me that if scar tissue grows around those coils, what tells it to stop growing? My body seems to be fighting it’self, an indication that an autoimmune issue has started. Inflammation of joints and neck pain would never have crossed my mind to be related to Essure. After researching, it all makes sense. Then to see thousands of women with the same types of problems confirmed it for me.

–  “Unfortunately the recourse is hysterectomy. There is no easy way to remove these if at any point you start experiencing problems, other than major surgery. I was SHOCKED to find out how many women have actually gotten pregnant (even after confirmed blocked) years down the road. And it seems the longer they are in the more susceptible you become.”

– “I am so thankful this is finally coming to the forefront. My daughter had this procedure several years ago and has recently had to have them removed due to major health issues from Essure. Now the Dr.’s have found that pieces have broken off and moved. This is definitely something that needs a lot more attention. I have found that there are so many more women with major issues from this.”

– “I am currently 24 weeks pregnant after having Essure procedure done over 3 years ago. During ultra sound doctors are able to see one of the coils. I have to wait until after I have my baby to look for the second coil. I am hoping everything is okay. Scared!”

– “I have also been suffering from this birth control. The pain I feel is terrible. It is as if I am giving birth to my child again every time I get my period. My doctor has also suggested I get a hysterectomy. This is not something I want to do but the pain may give me no choice. It should definitely be taken off the market!”

– “I had the essure implants in December 2008 and had to have a hysterectomy in May 2011 to have them removed. Unless you have suffered like I, and many other women, you don’t understand and should have compassion. I will be committed from here to get my story out and help as many women as I can.”

– “I have this and the very next night I was put in the hospital. If I knew how bad it was going to be i would have never got it. My friends found me passed out with my new baby
in my arms. Please think long and hard before you get this read up on it.”

– “I’ve had Essure for almost 7 years now and it’s been very bad for me..I’m not allergic to nickel or metals, but after my cycles began again they we’re very painful,heavy {clots definitely not normal}, and extremely irregular, dental problems,sharp pains in my lower abdomen and a few other side effects..After 3 years I became pregnant and had an ultrasound to make sure it wasn’t a tubal..It was not however they couldn’t explain how I got pregnant because my Essure was still in place..I miscarried at 7 weeks and am now on my 2nd pregnancy with Essure..I’m 30 week’s along and have had a very rough pregnancy..A lady also died in August because her reproductive organs became necrotic and she had renal failure and passed away due to Essure, another lady lost her baby because her amniotic sac was ruptured because of the Essure coil and she lost her son at 26 weeks..I’m hoping I can get my tube’s removed when I deliver my baby.”

– “I had Essure placed, one of the coils went in beautifully. The other one went through my uterine wall, then wrapped around & poked 4 holes in my lower intestines. I have the pictures that my Obgyn took. I am happy to be alive & don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Don’t risk your life. No to Essure!”

– “I am also a NC mom who is 23 and have had a lot of problems and still am since I have fragments left! Essure is the WORST choice I’ve ever made in my life!”

– “I am a soldier stationed on Ft. Belvoir. 2 years ago I had the procedure done. In November I was having pain in my back. I decided to go to the doctor. My doctor ordered a CT scan of my kidneys because she thought I had kidney stones. Well come to find out part of the coil was outside the fallopian tube next to my bowels and the other part was in the fallopian tube pushing it self out. The pain was unbelievable that I was unable to bend sideways. I had to have emergency surgery on Dec 9, 2014.”

– “I only had one fibroid and born with cerebral avm when I was introduced to the essure procedure. I was only told of mild cramps. I get severe chronic pain that puts me to bed. They feel like labor pains. They sometimes set my seizures off. I now also have 3 fibroids and 1 cyst. I don’t recommend this procedure to any female. They’re playing with people’s health, with me it’s my life. It should banned off the market. All females who were inserted the essure should be compensated for the and suffering we are going / or have gone through by the maker of the essure. I guarantee the maker would not insert one in her.”

– “I got pregnant TWICE with the Essure in. Sadly I miscarried both times. The first one at 5 weeks and the second at 14 1/2 weeks just after Thanksgiving. Since then the Dr has removed BOTH of my tubes as he said since the Essure didn’t work, it was the ONLY way to prevent pregnancy.”

– “Had it done 5 years ago – no pain meds, nothing. Most horrible experience of my life. I was sweating profusely, didn’t know if I was going to pass out or throw up.Missed a week of work. Even now, my periods are heavier and more painful (cramping), my lower stomach is tender, sex is painful. and the list goes on. Don’t do it.”

If you, or a loved one, had the Essure implant and suffered adverse side effects, you may be entitled to compensatory damages. Don’t let the manufacturer practice profit over people. Read more about Essure here: https://www.nationalinjuryhelp.com/defective-products/essure-contraceptive-implant-lawsuit/

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