Australia’s Sunday Night Exposes Dangers of Essure

November 2, 2015- This past Sunday, Australia’s Sunday Night did an in-depth investigation of Essure and its devastating complications. In the special, activist Erin Brockovich voices her support behind the tens of thousands of women who have been disabled, pregnant, or even died from the birth control device. Brockovich argues in the Sunday Night special that Essure needs to be pulled from the market.

Essure Activist Erin Brockovich

Australian mothers have spoken out about their experiences in an attempt to hold Bayer accountable. Erin Brockovich is campaigning to have Essure pulled after 21,000 women allege to have been left with devastating side effects such as heavy bleeding, pregnancy, and perforation to the fallopian tubes.

Sunday Night took us on the journey of several different women that had Essure implanted. One woman, Nina Bernius, tells the harrowing story of how she went through three different pregnancies after having Essure. Bernius made the difficult decision to terminate her first pregnancy, but in the second pregnancy, she had the child. It was only after getting pregnant for the third time, that Bernius decided to have her Essure coils checked. She discovered that her coils had migrated from her fallopian tubes, which explains why she was pregnant three times.

Even though Bayer promises 99.8% protection from pregnancy, Bernius fell pregnant several times. She was forced to have a full hysterectomy, the only solution once the Essure coils had migrated.

Brockovich’s Fight Against Essure

In the special, Sunday Night sat down with Erin Brockovich, an activist against Essure, and she had some enlightening points on the device.

“‘If 20,000 penises were falling off, the world would stop.”

While this is a graphic example, Brockovich makes an interesting point. If the tables were turned and men were having similar health issues, it would be a higher priority. Brockovich claimed that if this were affecting men, they would stop at nothing to find a solution. She then goes on to add:

“How many women have to be harmed before we stop?”

This is a question that Bayer must answer. A spokesman for Bayer stated:

Bayer is always saddened to hear of anyone experiencing an adverse event, whatever the circumstance. At Bayer, we take the safety of our medicines and medical devices very seriously and closely collaborate with health and regulatory authorities, as well as medical professionals, to exchange all relevant information concerning the use and the benefit-risk profile of our products.

In our opinion, saddened isn’t good enough. Bayer needs to step up and take action for the thousands of women that have been negatively affected from this defective device. Brockovich is now fighting for the patients to have the right to take action against Bayer and revoke the pre-market status of the device.

“There’s too many voices, there’s too many women harmed all by the same common denominator, and that is a device called Essure. They want the truth, they want this pulled, they don’t want anyone else harmed. They’re getting the truth and I think they will continue as long as it takes.”

Brockovich speaks for all of us when she says that the Essure women will stop at nothing to get the truth, and to have Essure pulled from the market. We have yet to hear an update regarding the E-Free Act, but will keep you up to date on the status of the bill in Congress.

If you would like to watch the full Sunday Night special, click here.

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