Plavix Increases Chance of Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Death

San Diego, CA — March 12, 2015

Being at risk of having a heart attack, stroke, or other heart injury is a terrifying reality for millions of Americans each year. For those who have already experienced the unfortunate and debilitating event of having a cardiac attack, trust in the medical system to prevent a future attack is vital.Plavix Lawsuit information

After somebody experiences an event such as a heart attack, it’s important they begin balancing their health choices in direct regards to their risk at having another cardiac attack. When victims start to reform their habits and consume preventative drugs based on doctor recommendations, it’s crucial that nothing becomes unbalanced.

Unfortunately, for many victims of these attacks, the prescription of the anticoagulant drug Plavix (often in combination with Aspirin) has begun doing more harm than good. Plavix is a drug that focuses on the blood’s platelets. The platelets are fundamental when helping the blood form a clot. When patients consume Plavix, their blood will prevent clotting almost entirely. It is quite clear that this intended effect on the blood can cause unwanted problems.

What are the negative side effects of Plavix?

Because Plavix’s main focus is preventing future cardiac attacks by treating the blood, all of the side effects that have stacked against Plavix have been blood-related. What comes into question is the legitimacy of Plavix as a safe treatment for heart and blood issues.

Those who take Plavix, especially in tandem with Aspirin, have experienced:

  • Uncontrollable external bleeding, such as nosebleeds
  • Internal bleeding, often gastrointestinal
  • Chest pains and other heart attack symptoms
  • Bruising and excessive collection of blood under the skin
  • Brain hemorrhaging and strokes
  • Future heart attacks, often fatal

It starts to become more obvious that the side effects are doing the opposite of their intended effect. In fact, the death rate of Plavix in 2011 doubled the death rate of those taking it alongside Aspirin, as opposed to removing Plavix from the equation and taking Aspirin on its own.

Why is Plavix used if the side effects have been so severe?

Plavix is manufactured by an American pharmaceutical company by the name of Bristol-Myers Squibb. When Plavix was first introduced, it quickly shot to the top of the best-selling pharmaceutical drugs lists. Plavix is the brand name of what’s known as a Clopidogrel, which means it’s specifically marketed to prevent things such as coronary artery disease, vascular diseases, and heart attacks. Its effectiveness as a “blood thinner” made it easy for doctors to start prescribing it to victims of these platelet-related issues.

What does this mean for those who have been negatively affected by Plavix?

The cases against Plavix concerning the safety of prescribing it as a heart attack preventive have started picking up now that it is being identified as ineffective. Detailed studies into the dangers of Plavix were formed as recently as 2012, explaining the invalid justification of prescribing a drug that has proven to increase the patients’ chances of dying. Because of these apparent dangers that Plavix presents, it is crucial that those affected by the drug contact a lawyer or attorney to minimize the negative impact.

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