OSHA reports open-flame space heater may have started oil rig fire.

July 14, 2015 — San Diego, CA

It would seem to make perfect sense to not have any open flame heaters where oil is being drilled, but according to OSHA this is exactly what happened in Oklahoma last December.

“Three young men died and two others hurt because Dan D Drilling allowed the use of an open flame heater,” said David Bates, OSHA’s area director in Oklahoma City in a press release. “The heater probably started the fire. The company knew this was hazardous, but chose to ignore the hazard.”oil rig fire

It wasn’t the first time, Dan D Drilling was cited before on this issue, yet still allowed these open flame heaters to be used in the rig. The company has had 10 OSHA violations and could see fines in the $200,000 range.

This is the kind of irresponsible acts that some drilling company’s simply ignore, and when safety regulations are ignored people will get hurt. This is when we step in to help those victims.

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