Major Settlement in Transvaginal Lawsuits $119 million to Victims

Boston Scientific, the manufacturer of vaginal mesh and bladder sling devices, announced a major settlement which covers 3,000 women injured by their products. The settlement includes $119 million for the thousands of women that claim they were injured by the company’s vaginal mesh products for urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

The company has shelled out a hefty $1.1 billion to cover legal expenses over the ongoing transvaginal mesh and bladder sing lawsuits. Boston Scientific is not completely off the hook, they are still linked to another 22,000 liability claims from women claiming they were injured from the same devices.

The transvaginal lawsuits enter their fifth year, and litigation over the defective devices is coming to a settlement phase. American Medical System (AMS), gave in early and announced a multibillion dollar settlement for over 20,000 lawsuits.

There are four major players in the transvaginal mesh lawsuits: AMS, Boston Scientific, CR Bard, and Jonhson and Johnson and its subsidiary Ethicon. If there is no settlement from all of these manufacturers, the cases will be remanded or sent back to their local federal districts for individual trials. If the cases are sent back, the overwhelming number of litigants will bring chaos to the federal court system, causing the cases to take years to settle.

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