Essure Class Action Lawsuit & Litigation

BREAKING NEWS February 29, 2016:  FDA Issues Black Box Warning for Essure Device. Now is the Time to Join the Class Action Lawsuit. Read the story here:

Much attention has come to the surface on the problems with the Essure birth control device. Lawyers from across the Nation are considering filing complaints to start litigation for a possible Essure class action lawsuit against Bayer.  Over the last few months stories from news agencies have been reporting on women hurt from the Essure device. One story that recently broke was about a woman who died during the Essure procedure.

We’ve done some research and have found 5 cases of death associated with this device. Bayer denies these allegations.

Essure Compensation

Because we feel strongly that Bayer HealthCare rushed this product to market and the FDA did fast-track the process, women have been the unwilling victims of profit over safety. We intend to hold Bayer Healthcare responsible for the pain and continued suffering of thousands of women who have had the Essure Contraceptive device implanted.

If you or someone you love has had the Essure Contraceptive Implant and has had ANY adverse side affect we’re on your side. Contact our lawyers and attorneys today for a FREE case review of your situation, there may be substantial compensation. Doing so will provide you with the knowledge that you need to make a sound decision regarding how you should proceed through this difficult time.

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