What is Xarelto, and what does it have to do with unstoppable bleeding?

San Diego, CA — March 6, 2015

Dealing with blood clots can be a painful ordeal. A natural response to damage and lacerations to a blood vessel, blood clots start to get serious when the flow through a vessel becomes more and more blocked. When these serious blood clots start to form, they requires immediate attention. Lack of a response can lead to fatal results, so when an anticoagulant such as Xarelto is introduce, it feels a lot like a lifesaver.

What is an anticoagulant, or “blood thinner”?

Though it doesn’t actually “thin” the blood, the design of an anticoagulant is to get blood into a state that will prevent clots. Instead of the blood blocking the vessel, it is allowed to freely circulate. When damage to a vein/vessel happens, the effects of a blood “thinner” like Xarelto can have a terrible and unwanted result. Under the effects of Xarelto, blood forms an excessive inability to clot. As a result, when the bleeding starts, it loses the power to stop itself by clotting naturally.

What is Xarelto, and what does it have to do with unstoppable bleeding?

Bleeding in itself can usually be a natural and effective biological response to vessel damage. But when those who take drugs like Xarelto, especially those who are already dealing with blood complications, it adds an unstoppable element in blood to an already complicated medical situation. Because the blood becomes so “thin,” bleeding while under the effect of Xarelto becomes ceaseless.Xarelto lawsuit

Not only are these effects very harmful, but they have proven to be irreversible. There has been no antidote for the unstoppable bleeding caused by Xarelto, as well as no warning about the lack of an antidote.

What are some of the other risks of taking a drug like Xarelto?

The unstoppable bleeding brought on by Xarelto can cause


  • Uncontrollable internal bleeding
  • Deep gastrointestinal bleeding
  • The need for constant blood transfusions
  • Massive blood loss
  • Hemorrhaging in the brain


One of the most dangerous risks is internal bleeding. Because the “thinning” of the blood is so efficient, it’s almost impossible to reverse the effects. Once internal bleeding has gone into effect as a result of Xarelto, the results can prove fatal. Bleeding from the intestines, rectum, and brain can cause insurmountable issues that cannot be immediately stopped by doctors.

These are not innocent side effects of a drug that has been carefully and responsibly researched to ensure the safety of its recipients. This is because J&J, Janssen, and Bayer had no intention of warning the public about the extent of its risks. There were no box label warnings, as well as a lack of education about the safety of Xarelto.

What is being done about Xarelto’s dangerous effects?

The marketers of the drug Xarelto (J&J, Janssen and Bayer) have deeply failed to inform the prescribed patients of a warning of this awful side effect. These companies failed to let the public know that the safety of Xarelto was not studied, the effect of uncontrollable bleeding, and warnings of risks from patient to patient. Now the victims of its effects are left to deal with more than an extreme loss of blood.

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