Big win for 20-year old who developed 46DD breasts from the drug Risperdal

March 18, 2015

Johnson & Johnson loses first Risperdal jury trial must pay $2.5 million to a 20 year old man who developed 46DD breasts after being prescribed Risperdal. This is the first jury trial case for the condition called gynecomastia, but there are thousand more that will follow in many different states.

“The jury in Philadelphia heard evidence that was never presented to the FDA by an American drug company,” said Philadelphia lawyer Thomas Kline, who represented the plaintiff, Austin Pledger, and his family. “If there was ever a clear failure-to-warn case, this was it.”

The problem is when pharmaceutical companies practice what’s called “off-label use”, meaning they tell doctors to prescribe drugs for uses that the drug was never intended for. It’s a huge cash grab that in the end causes many to suffer side effects. Once again it’s Big Pharma putting profits over people.

The tragic story of Austin Pledger began when his mother asked their doctor to help treat his irritability brought on by autism. Risperdal is an antipsychotic medication. It works by regulating the brains neurotransmitters in order to bring them into balance. Pledger was given Risperdal for the first time in 2002 at age 8.

Pledger’s doctor, Jan Mathisen, testified that he was unaware of information contained in one Janssen study that suggested gynecomastia could result from use of the drug. If he had been, he said, he would have discussed it with the family.

Clearly Big Pharma, and the FDA needs to take a close look at how they market their drugs to doctors.

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