List of most common Types of Car Accidents in San Diego County

December 2, 1014 – San Diego, CA.

Did you know the most car accidents in San Diego happen within the first hour of a rain storm?

This is due to the oil imbedded in the road coming to the surface during a rain event making the roads very slick. Be careful out there, especially those in Southern California that are now under a flash flood watch

Most common Types of Car Accidents in San Diego County:

Spin out accidents: Caused typically from too much speed into a corner or from rain soaked roads.

Lane departure crashes: When the car veers out of the lane of travel and impacts with another car or object.

Head on collision: This is the worst and often the most fatal type of car accident. When two cars collide head-on the speed of each car is effectively doubled. This means if you were driving at 50 miles per hour and hit another car going 60 miles per hour the total speed of the collision is 110 miles per hour.

Rear end collision: Often times when people aren’t paying attention to the car distance in from of them they end up hitting them. Read end car crash can involve neck injury or worse.

Front corner impact crash: many times this type of car accident is low speed and happens in congested city driving, happens usually during a turn.

Angle or Side impact crash also called a T-bone car accident. These are serious in nature due to the car not having much protection on the side doors of the car. These can be either low speed or high speed.

Rollover accidents: These can happen from a number of different ways, overview is a car rolls over on its hood and remains turned over.

Front end under accident: When the front end of a car goes underneath the bumper of a truck or semi-truck. These can be fatal accidents as the front end dives under the higher placed bumper of large trucks leaving nothing but the windshield to protect the passengers.

Be safe out there during the wet times!