Clergy Sexual Abuse Investigations

clergy sexual abuse

In light of the recurring incidents of sexual abuse by clergy members in California, reporting the crime and holding perpetrators accountable is strongly advised. A dive into history reveals an endless list of abuse survivors who have lived a grueling struggle to come to terms with this suffering over the years. This battle of unbridled clergy sexual abuse has reiterated the dire need for justice for victims of sexual abuse in California.

What is Clergy Sexual Abuse?

Clergy sexual abuse is when a member of the clergy uses his position of power for vile gains. This could include exploitation, harm, harassment or sexual abuse of any member of the congregation. Due to the authority that the clergyman holds, the victim may be coaxed into an agreement or forced ‘consent’. As a result, the definition of consent changes in this matter and cannot be used as an acceptable defense against the abuse.

Who Can Commit Clergy Abuse?

  • Priests
  • Rabbis
  • Ministers
  • Pastors
  • Staff
  • Religious workers

Institutions under Fire for Clergy Abuse

A number of wholesome institutions have witnessed retribution due to the predatory acts of child abuse over the years. The avalanche of sexual abuse cases has led to investigations of the following, now infamous organizations.

Catholic Church

The once prestigious organization has faced a raft of allegations against priests countered by silence from bishops. The harrowing details of innumerable cases surfaced, leading to outburst. In the 1990s, there was public outrage against two Boston priests, Paul Shanley and John Geoghan. These piling cases against the Catholic Church have received no response from people in positions of power not only in the USA but all over the world.

Boy Scouts of America

Scores of victims seek retribution for the crimes committed by the Boy Scouts of America over the years. The institution that teaches boys manners, a sense of right and wrong, and has been considered an integral building block of a man’s identity is now the face of a crippling problem, child abuse. While the organization has been supported by the likes of John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush, its traumatic history of sexual abuse has failed the entire nation.


The Youth Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) was known all around the world as a reputed organization focused on youth development. However, there have been a number of cases of child abuse suffered at the hands of members of the YMCA. Apart from its obvious crime of negligent hiring, YMCA is also reported to have continued providing staff access to innocent children for heinous crimes.

The Legal Route to Clergy Abuse: Contact the National Injury Helpline Today!

Your Call Can Save Lives

If you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted or made uncomfortable through sexual advances, innuendos, or behavior, it is advised that you get in touch with the National Injury Helpline to consult a California clergy sexual abuse lawyer who can get you the justice you deserve.

While the pain and emotional trauma suffered by the victim cannot be compensated with damages, filing a lawsuit against the perpetrator can ensure the molester does not repeat this behavior with another innocent victim.

This is not just your war against them, but our combined efforts to stand against sexual clergy abuse that has vilified wholesome institutions and swept its crimes under the rug for far too long.

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