Stripper Ms. Sadie McLaren talks about Exotic Dancer Work Issues

Sadie McLaren lives and works in Davenport Iowa, and is a writer, a union officer at IAEU (International Adult Entertainment Union), a journalist, does public relations and speaks three languages.

As a current exotic dancer with years of experience, she tells it like it is.  Tireless in helping other dancers learn their rights in the work place. 

If you are an exotic dancer, or were one in a past life and feel you have been taken advantage of, we can help you learn your rights. And you may receive back pay from illegal employment classification.

Why would clubs label exotic dancers as one thing, when really they’re the opposite? One word -taxes. Independently owned gentlemen’s clubs often have an owner with a basic LLC license.  It’s cheaper and saves them thousands in taxes each year to label dancers as independent contractors, as employees lead to higher taxes, and more liability.  Most everything about these places is set up in favor of the club owners and the dancers are actually the last to be considered. Read more here:

Content Warning – The following contains explicit language and situations mentioned may be disturbing to some.  

These are actual comments from her Twitter account at:

“I dream of a world where #strippers get to KEEP cash they worked hard for & never have to ask anyone for help or struggle again! If I kept ALL my cash my income would be above average…Giving away over $500,000 of MY CASH in 7 years while struggling? F that! It’s OUR INDUSTRY”

“I LOVE DANCING!! I hate club owners. The industry belongs to those who keep it alive. That would be US- #Strippers No more glamorizing. No more sugar coating. I’ve been exposing the ugliest parts because that’s how we fix it!”

“Basically, if I made $100,000 in cash per year, $62,000 of it went to the club. So 62% but that’s a lowball estimate… It’s closer to 71%.. I’ve given con artists $570,000 in CASH from 2011-2018 purposely staying below my real average. We make over 6 figures, just not for us…”

“Same concept as Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, paying his actual workers garbage. Remember that w/0 #employees CEOs own nothing.. Club owners are the CEOs of #strippers only it’s ALL profit for them & w/o us the industry wouldn’t exist! They just own a place WE PAY FOR”

“@ientertainadult @DancerGuild we can help circumvent a huge problem that could change everything for #strippers forever… I found a legal article that explains it. #Unions have a board rep & attorneys hash out problems ((confidential plaintiff)) normal #FLSA cases don’t & can’t.”

“It ONLY WORKS if ur club abides by all IRS contractor laws. A lawsuit does NOT mean ur club will reclassify; that is up to the magistrate & NOBODY else. #Unions have attorneys & can bring issues to the table that non-union workers can’t. Strippers especially can benefit from this”

“@CaliforniaLabor @IowaReview @DancerGuild @WeAreDancersUSA @ientertainadult @NatlInjuryhelp @DominoInLA @GypseyLove72 #strippers THIS IS IMPERATIVE to a successful misclassification suit- Mitigation when plaintiff speaks w/o council & pleads grievances”

“Your attorneys take everything given to them and carry out everything on the plaintiff’s & group’s behalf. Mitigation’s a 1-2 day process & both parties hammer out a deal. ONLY plaintiff must be there & they FINALLY voice how unfair practices negatively impacted all their lives.”

“It annoys me to death that dancers have to admit a stigma to break one. Are many exploited, assaulted or dehumanized? Sure…But society, most of which follows a stigma is wrong about a MAJOR detail. Club OWNERS exploit us…The same way Jeff Bezos exploits Amazon workers!”

“Word…I just ranted that it seems any meager laws left that protect women stay outside once the threshold is crossed. #strippers have all rights humanity & dignity taken by owners who treat us like property & tolerate sexual assault bc we’re not people- we’re just their income”

“A labor #union is an organization of #workers joined to protect their common interests and improve their working conditions. The main purpose-GIVE WORKERS POWER” soldiers make an army #strippers make @DancerGuild & more soldiers means we all win the war!”

“It has NEVER BEEN OUR JOB to supplement anyone’s income. Mandatory tips are ILLEGAL! The word “gratuity” pretty much makes that clear! I tipped minimum when a DJ or security literally chased us down. I don’t have to do shit, it’s my decision & if I had a choice, I’d still tip!”

“I DID also, but I’m sharing this bc THIS is how I metaphorically describe dancing for the fascist owners in IA…Customers, eh… The abusive relationship is between us & managers who use any loophole to take every shred of dignity & steal from us until we’re desensitized & numb”

Exotic Dancers & Strippers Have Rights!

If you are, or were an exotic or topless or full nude dancer and have experienced unfair pay we can help you regain your dignity and pay that may have been taken illegally from you. You have rights to sue the club’s owner(s) or corporation.

The first step in joining the Stripper individual employment lawsuit is to simply call us at 1-800-214-1010, or use the contact form on this page.  The lawyers and attorneys at National Injury Help are ready to file these claims. Take action now and protect your rights!