Women speaking out about the pain and suffering caused from a Vaginal Mesh Implant.

November 13, 2014 – San Diego, California. 10:01 AM PST

Hundreds of thousands of women have had a vaginal mesh implant; many have suffered terrible pain and other side effects. Here are a few comments that these victims are sharing with us.

Neva: “I had the surgery in 2004 and nothing but issues. Intimacy with my husband very painful and continue to have leakage from bladder.”

Carlotta: “I had my second bladder repair in 2006. They used the mesh. I had severe bleeding episode 7 months in. A small piece of mesh eroded through and it was cut out. I have had lower back pain since, still having some bladder and bowel leakage. It is very embarrassing.”

Suzanne:Wonder if others have the same pelvic pain I have.”

Lisa:I’ve had nothing but trouble since I had it done.”transvaginal mesh implant

Jamie:Mine hurts all the time, I have had nothing but trouble I have had cortisone shots and nothing helps.”

Roseanne:Had mine done in 2007 nothing but problems since.”

Debbie: “I have a lot of those symptoms! I had mine done about 3 years ago, and I have had this horrible constant discharge every single day since! I went to a different doctor and he told me I had been cut on enough! I don’t want to deal with this for the rest of my life!”

Brenda:  “Have pelvic pain frequently. Had mesh problems the last 5 years, low back pain, bladder leakage and pelvic pain and lethargy.”

Kimberly:I have had to have two surgery’s to remove the mesh now have pain because of the scar tissue.”

Beverly:  “I had a bladder lift in the early 2002 they used mesh, the lift only lasted about 6 months had to have a surgery because of a build up on the mesh my bladder is so bad this surgery didn’t work.”

Andrea:All I have is problems ever since I got it in March 2011”

Lisa:I’ve had one in 1998 and have had only problems!”

Carolyn:I had the mesh surgery in 2005 and have had lot of problems since. Bladder problem is worse.”

Therese:I had it done in 2004. Did not help–made bladder leakage worse. No pain or infection, but I leak urine constantly.”

Lois: “I had both in 2010 have had nothing but trouble since, pelvic pain and back everything has gone wrong, so much pain.”

Patsy:I had it done about 4 years ago. July of 2014 I had the Bladder Stimulator put in, cause the mesh didn’t help. I’m thinking about joining this mesh lawsuit.”

Connie:Had it done in August. Had surgery on a Wednesday turned around and had to have another one that Saturday going to another doctor now that has to remove everything and start over.”

Annie:Going to the specialist again Thursday to have it removed didn’t even last 2 years was told it would last forever.”

Mary: I’ve had one since 2004 trouble, trouble, trouble can’t find a Dr. that will even discuss it. I’m thinking it will probably be the death of me.

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