Breaking News: Transvaginal Mesh maker Boston Scientific rushed product to market.

November 4, 2014

Boston Scientific has been accused on Monday of rushing its vaginal mesh product to market in order to stay competitive with other manufactures.

“They set a priority that should never exist inside a medical device company; speed as No. 1,” said plaintiffs’ lawyer Jim Perdue during opening arguments in the trial, which is one of two that began Monday against the company over the devices.

transvaginal mesh product

In a counter statement Boston Scientific lawyer, Molly Craig, said other mesh products have been used for years successfully. Quote: “Just because a complication occurs doesn’t mean a person of company is at fault”.

Currently there are more than 23,000 cases filed against Boston Scientific and other manufactures including Johnson & Johnson, and C.R. Bard.

Plaintiffs are asserting that some of these devices use substandard materials and can cause bleeding, nerve damage, and pain during sex.

Past court victories for women include a $73 million verdict for the plaintiff, which under Texas state law damages cap reduced to $34 million.

In total there are now more than 66,000 mesh lawsuits against seven companies that make these types of mesh implants. U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin in Florida made a statement that he believes the trail will last for 10 days.

Women who have had a vaginal mesh surgery or revision surgery and have had any side effect from the mesh product are urged to seek legal advice from the lawyers and attorneys are Hood National Law Group which is now accepting these types of cases.

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