Oregon Risperdal Lawyer

Parents of boys in Oregon who have been harmed as a result of using Risperdal need to stand up for their legal rights. However, that’s easier said than done when filing a lawsuit against a multi-billion-dollar corporation like Johnson & Johnson. People in the state of Oregon can level the playing field by obtaining the help of Risperdal side effects lawyers who have been handling these cases all over the country. If this includes your son, who has had increased breast growth, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation there may be substantial cash settlements – but act now as there may be a statute of limitations for filing a Risperdal claim in Oregon.

What are the problems with Risperdal? – Side effect called Gynecomastia

The most prominently alleged Risperdal side effect is called gynecomastia, a condition whereby adolescent boys begin to develop breasts much like any girl of that general age would do.  Not only would breasts begin to develop, but boys would also suffer from the following side effects:

  • Puffy nipples
  • Enlarged nipples
  • Painful breasts
  • Nipple discharge

This may seem like a less than serious problem, but the fact of the matter is that many of these boys had to have surgery to remove these breasts.  Clearly, this type of surgery leads not only to physical pain and suffering but also to what can be intense psychological distress.

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Who is prescribed Risperdal and what is it used for?

Risperdal is known as an atypical antipsychotic medication. It works by penetrating the brain of a patient and regulating the substances known as neurotransmitters in order to bring them into balance. People with bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and other disorders mentioned above tend to have trouble with the chemical balances in their brains. Risperdal helps to correct that imbalance and thereby reduce the symptoms associated with these conditions. It worked so well that it generated more than $4 billion in revenue in 2007 alone.

Again if your son was diagnosed with the condition called gynecomastia (breast growth) we urge you to contact our Oregon Risperdal attorney law firm today for a free consultation, there is no charge to file a Ripserdal lawsuit claim, and you may receive a substantial cash award.

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