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Many women in Iowa who suffer from pelvic organ prolapse need surgery to correct the problem. Many have had transvaginal mesh surgery to help, but many times the mesh may fail. If you are located anywhere in Iowa, we can help you get started in the vaginal mesh class action lawsuit forming.

Contact the top Iowa vaginal mesh lawyers and attorneys who can get you the compensation for your injuries from a mesh product. Time is running out to file and receive financial compensation.

FDA issues a warning to various vaginal mesh manufactures –this report led to over 40,000 lawsuits being filed, with more to come. It could lead to 100,000 lawsuits before it’s over.

A few years ago, the FDA began to receive reports from Iowa women that different manufacturers were providing transvaginal mesh products that simply did not work as they were supposed to. Some of these products failed to support the organs in the pelvic area, some products moved around inside the body and some simply broke down. As a result, complaints were filed because of the plethora of injuries that were suffered.

Examples of these injuries included:

Device protrusion complications

Urinary incontinence



Vaginal shrinkage due to product contraction

Relapse of the pelvic organ prolapse

Any or all of these complications are serious in nature, and each requires some sort of medical step in order to correct the problem.

Iowa Vaginal Mesh Claims Center – Payouts starting. Has anyone received money from mesh settlements – Yes!

Payouts for Women Who Had Vaginal Mesh Revision Surgery

Atlantic City, NJ the Jury awards woman $11 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Mesh Division.

Bakersfield, CA a jury awards husband and wife $5.5 million verdict in a Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit against mesh manufacturer C.R. Bard.

Charleston, WV a jury awards woman $2 million verdict for an Avaulta Mesh Product Lawsuit against Bard.

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If you or someone you love in Iowa has been harmed in this manner, you need to put a relentless force up against the one that will be working to limit your recovery of compensation. Contact our defective transvaginal mesh lawyers today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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