Gynecomastia Side Effect from Risperdal Covered Up During Marketing

San Diego, CA — March 4, 2015

The ordeals that children face when going through the educational system can be wearing. Stress, fear, bullying, and anxiety can be overwhelming for a developing child. So when a child is diagnosed with a brain disorder it can be a terrifying obstacle. From Bipolar I disorder and autism to Schizophrenia, these imbalances can often be life-crippling for children. It’s reasonable for parents to attack the problem head on, and lean heavily on doctors and psychologists for advice. Many of those doctors have prescribed a drug known as Risperdal.

What is Risperdal, and how does it cause Gynecomastia?

Risperdal, developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and marketed by Johnson & Johnson, is an antipsychotic drug that was introduced to battle these brain disorders. It was initially approved by the FDA to combat schizophrenia in adults, and not specifically intended for children. So when concerned parents of children with behavior disorders were first introduced to Risperdal as a solution, the potential problems with an adult drug being applied to a child didn’t seem to be of any real concern to J&J.

Prescription for Risperdal was found being marketed towards children as early as 1993. The adult drug was discovered to heavily elevate the hormones responsible for breast and lactation growth for women after they give birth. This directly lead to the male children prescribed Risperdal to develop a physical disorder known as gynecomastia, which is breast enlargement induced by hormone imbalance.

 Gynecomastia from Risperdal

How has Risperdal been affecting children?

These children are then placed in a terrifying reality as their alarming mental disorder transforms into a physical abnormality that becomes increasingly difficult to hide from their peers. Twelve year-olds experiencing breast enlargement, forced to wear clothing to cover their bodies, and experience the now intensified insults and bullying for their newfound problem.

In 2012 both Jenssen and J&J reached a settlement to pay for the misconduct of concealing the dangerous side effects of Risperdal, as well as its sister drug Invega, but have not yet fully faced the claims of gynecomastia found in boys and young men. Young adults who have taken the drug before have described their pains of breast growth, losing their testosterone levels, and permanent sexually disability and dysfunction.

J&J failed to inform the public about the side effects

of taking Risperdal, which include:

  • Growth of breasts
  • Nipple discharge (lactation)
  • Oversensitivity of nipples

What is being done about Risperdal’s negative effects?

Still, the discovered cases of gynecomastia pile up against J&J. As recent as November of 2013, Johnson & Johnson have had to pay up to $2 billion in both criminal and civil fines revolving around the marketing of Risperdal. This makes it one of the top five settlements involving pharmaceuticals in the country’s history.

What it boils down to is marketing manipulation. A pharmaceutical company, like Johnson & Johnson, receiving uninterrupted profit, while simultaneously being fully aware of their dysfunctional product. By the time the scandal has caught up to the company, the heavy list of victims are left with unrepairable physical and emotional damage, more so than what they started with.

How can I be helped if I have been affected by Risperdal?

Disastrous situations such as this can be averted or minimized through responsibility and accountability. Both J&J and Jenssen were expected to help come up with a solution; not sweep the destructive nature of their product under the rug. Those distressed by Risperdal at the hands of a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company need justice, compensation, and most importantly real care.

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