Byetta and Januvia Diabetes Drug Lawsuits Ramp up Again

March 27, 2019 – San Diego, Ca. – With close to 1,000 Byetta and Januvia lawsuits stacked up in federal court that were to be dismissed, a federal appeals court has overturned the December 2017 decision and remanded all cases back to U.S. District Judge Anthony Battaglia in the Southern District of California.  This means the court could start hearing pending cases by next year (2020).

Failure to Warn – Dismissed.

Judge Anthony Battaglia had stated years ago that the FDA didn’t show supporting evidence of the risk of developing pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer by taking either Byetta or Januvia. Therefore there was no “failure to warn” and all claims were dismissed.  However the appellate court disagreed with that assessment, feeling that charges were dismissed to early and that certain key information was or was not provided to the FDA by the drug makers.Byetta and Januvia Lawsuits

What’s the problem with Byetta – What are the lawsuits about?

Back in 2011, concerns that Byetta ran the risk of causing pancreatic cancer began to emerge. In a study published in Gastroenterology, it was reported that the use of Byetta increased the risk of pancreatic cancer by almost three-fold. By 2013, the FDA was investigating Byetta and other incretin mimetics. Now it’s 2019 and this concern is back in the law firms sites.

One of the leading type 2 diabetes medications to hit the market in recent years is known as Byetta, and for a time it was hailed as a success by the pharmaceutical profession and the patients who used it.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before reports of alleged Byetta side effects began to arise and people who were using it became quite concerned even if they were not harmed by it. Read more about Byetta here.

What’s the problem with Januvia – What are the lawsuits about?

Januvia is manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co.  Januvia was originally introduced to the American market when it obtained FDA approval in 2006, and it quickly took hold around the country.  However, people eventually began to report alleged Januvia side effects that included extremely dangerous conditions such as pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer.

As a result, Januvia lawsuits began to be filed, as all of these conditions are extremely dangerous and people can lose their lives if they are allowed to progress without being detected.

Cases associated with Januvia are acute, and brief. In UCLA, a clinical study discovered that taking Januvia increases the risk of pancreatitis six-fold, and that cases usually develop in less than two months. Read more about Januvia here.

Did you take Byetta or Januvia and diagnosed with pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer?

Pancreatic cancer tumors can grow without symptoms and sometimes aren’t detected until the cancer gets more serious. If you or someone you love has been prescribed either Byetta or Januvia, and has developed either pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer, we can help file your case today.

Since the recent court ruling, any claims from these type 2 diabetes medications may now move forward. We expect large cash awards from these lawsuits – Act now!